Manufacturing process

It all starts with an idea.


Our design teams are in charge of the creative project implementation and every single production step is monitored by our quality inspections.


Together with our customers we develop the required specifications and provide professional and detailed advice.

Alongside, we meet all individual specifications of the product areas in which we operate.

Overview of the individual production stages at Tuchfabrik Willy Schmitz

Yarn preparation (bobining)


The twisting of several yarns or twisted yarns into one thread is done by our twisting machines. The purpose of twisting is to achieve a special effect or specific production characteristics for further processing.


Product inspection


Our warping process is another preparatory step for the weaving process.

The warp threads are joined and wound parallel to each other in identical length on warp beams.

Drawing in

This is a step for the weaving process. The warp threads are drawn into the frames, heddles and lamellas.



Different finishing steps in this production area guarantee to achieve the desired performance characteristics, such as smoothness, elegance, durability, softness and elongation of the textile.

Here the fabrics are functionalised, e.g. as "Super Wash", "Antismell", "Antibacterial", "Oil and Dirt repellent" and many more.


Hotmelt glues decor with a functional layer, e.g. textiles with non-woven fabrics.